Friday, November 18, 2011

CoverGirl Peelers - Snowcone Peel

I'm a bit wary of peel polish, they tend to take a top layer off your nail. And this was no exception. But I really loved the icy blue that was in the bottle. It was hard to get on, just kept on leaving these spiderwebby strings as I stroked it on the nail. Also took ages to dry properly and afterwards it still has a kind of rubbery feel, not a smooth, silky finish. Although that is a novelty itself.

I got this out of a discount store, and there was only one other colour, a very yolky egg colour. Hmmm. This is one coat. I did actually put another coat on the next day for one hand and it was slightly darker, but woe! It just imprinted ANYthing I rested my hands on and didn't dry properly.

Peeling off was in one piece (plus heaps of my nail!) on the hand with two coats, but rather ratty and shreddy on the one coat hand. Still gorgeous colour in and out of the bottle. I liked it, but yeah... I even did a base coat but all it did was stick the base coat to itself. My poor nails!!!!

PS I have never had a snowcone that was this blue silver grey colour!
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